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Sheryl Kurtis, MBA, ACC

Stakeholder Management, Work/Life Balance, Team Dynamics, Role Transition, Relationship Management

Executive Coach / Facilitator

Sheryl Kurtis Sheryl Kurtis BioPic 600x600 2023
Sheryl Kurtis Sheryl Kurtis BioPic 600x600 2023

Sheryl Kurtis

Executive Coach

Leveraging her 30-year career leading teams through strategic change during periods of growth, integrations, and restructuring, Sheryl now serves as an executive coach focused on empowering clients to excel as leaders. With a unique approach steeped in her experiences, she helps her clients to gain the self-awareness, insights, and skills needed to accelerate their leadership journey.

Coaching Philosophy

Sheryl serves as a partner to her clients, encouraging them to cultivate self-awareness and define targeted goals. She also assists them in identifying solutions that align with their values. Sheryl’s approachable demeanor contributes to a judgment-free environment that fosters trust and open communication. Recognizing that her clients already possess inherent problem-solving skills, she guides them toward expanding these abilities, thus empowering them to discover their own solutions. Sheryl integrates her insights, strategies, and knowledge from her experience when it enriches her clients’ developmental journey. This future-focused approach helps her clients navigate professional challenges and achieve their leadership aspirations.

Results Achieved

A newly appointed COO at an investment advisory company faced challenges managing a larger team, meeting elevated expectations, and aligning with her boss’s differing style. Through their partnership, the COO harnessed her strengths and honed her communication tactics, leading to improved team management and better alignment with her boss.

Significantly, she also experienced decreased stress levels and improved work-life balance, further enhancing her leadership effectiveness. As a result, the COO not only adjusted to her new role but thrived, guiding her team to higher performance levels while fostering a personal sense of balance and calm.

Professional/Corporate Experience

  • Senior Executive roles at leading global financial service companies
  • Sought after to lead the implementation of strategic initiatives
  • Orchestrated high-stakes regulatory engagements

Education, Certifications & Awards

  • MBA and BA-Economics, DePaul
  • University, Chicago, IL
  • Executive Coaching – Goal Imagery
  • ICF ACC Certified Coach
  • Hogan Advance Interpretation Certified

Areas Of Coaching Expertise

  • Building self awareness
  • Leading vs Managing
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Interpersonal relationship
  • Career advancement

Industry Experience

  • Financial services including wealth
    management, retail and investment
    banking, and crypto
  • Technology
  • Startups
  • Healthcare
  • Consulting

Functional Experience

  • Technology
  • Front Office Regulatory, Risk & Control
  • Program Management & COO
  • Compliance

Languages & International Experience

  • English
  • International assignments in London
    and Switzerland

Levels Coached

  • COO
  • Senior Executives/VP
  • Rising leaders

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