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Leadership Training Programs

Customized Training Solutions to Optimize Leadership Development

Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders And Teams

New and some mid-level leaders are often promoted based on their outstanding ability to contribute as individuals or get things done, transactionally using their team as a means to an end; aka a directive leadership style. Our leadership training courses are specifically designed to help transition these leaders to employ transformational leadership styles, setting the stage for successful executive leadership and sustained organizational growth and breakthroughs.

Leadership Skills Training Critical To Your High-Potential Leaders’ Success

After thousands of hours coaching up-and-coming to mid-level team leaders, we identified the most common leadership skills that helped bridge an important gap to more impactful leadership, and team development and engagement. Our Leadership Training Programs focus on enhancing the leader’s self-awareness, mastery of communication skills, conflict management, understanding of how to engage, motivate and align team members, mastering the art of influencing, and better decision-making, to name a few.

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The Bridgeline Approach To Leadership Development

  • Core Building Blocks

  • Our suite of leadership courses is based on our extensive research and designed to take leadership skills to the next level.
  • Custom Tailored

  • We pre-survey each client participant to gain meaningful insight into their current situation and level of competence, as it pertains to the topic. Each training course is then tailored to the client’s unique situation and circumstances to make new learning the most relevant and impactful.
  • Engaging

  • Our Leadership Training Programs are part instructional training and part experiential to apply new learning during and in-between classes. We use the latest technologies and methods to engage participants throughout the entire program.
  • Trainer Experience

  • Our trainers are former business executives and current coaches with intimate and practical experience on each topic.
  • Delivery

  • Clients have an option for in-person training or online via video conferencing.

Customized, Leadership Skills Training For Groups

Mastering The Art Of Influence

The bigger the mountain, the more team members will need to help move those mountains. This is why great leaders are great influencers. This leadership course will give you the tools to develop your personal power and become an effective influencer and, as a result, a more impactful leader.

  • Self-awareness and exploring your tendencies/preferences
  • Building trust and understanding what drives others
  • Understanding the difference between the golden rule vs. the platinum rule
  • Tailoring your communication style and influence tactics for maximum effectiveness
  • Motivating and inspiring others by communicating impact
  • Pre-suasion – how to set the stage for influencing

Embodying A Growth Mindset As A Leader

We’ve all been stuck in the grind (aka the hamster wheel) where inertia is driving our growth. In this leadership training, we will be intentional about getting out of the hamster wheel.  We’ll take a deeper look and offer a fresh perspective on accelerating you and your team’s personal and professional growth.

  • How to set effective development goals for yourself and your team
  • How to collect feedback to gain critical insight into your developmental needs
  • Learn how humility will drive your curiosity, regardless of what you know, or think you know
  • Why curiosity is the mother of innovation and how/when to use it
  • How to apply intentionality in your journey of leadership growth
  • What risks are worth taking and how to take them
  • How to design experimentation and measure your progress
  • How to reflect in support of your learning agility and systemic growth

Assertiveness, A Misunderstood Strength

Have you ever noticed how the term “assertiveness” has an implicit negative connotation? If used correctly, it’s quite the opposite. In this course, you will learn how to become tactfully transparent for all the right reasons, with transformational results.

  • Common misconceptions about assertiveness
  • Reframing assertiveness so everyone experiences these instances productively
  • Understand the role of humility in a tactfully transparent conversation
  • Conversation killers, words to avoid, and what to use instead
  • Study and apply solution-focused (vs problem-focused) inquiry to improve team engagement
  • Learn when and how to be assertive

Emotionally Effective Leadership

The most popular of our series of leadership training programs is the Emotionally Effective Leadership. After all, emotional intelligence (EI) is perhaps the single most important factor impacting leadership success. The program is designed to be an interactive session that includes class instruction, individual work, and group activities. Key learning objectives are key highlights for participants of this leadership development program:

  • Create an understanding of EI using the EQ-i 2.0 model as a platform
  • Increase participants’ understanding of mapping transformational leadership to EI
  • Enable participants to identify specific areas in their own EQ-i 2.0 Leadership Reports and build an action plan to work on areas to develop further and leverage strengths Identify and understand how aspects of emotional intelligence can lead to derailing behaviors
  • Apply what is learned in the session by developing a personal Leadership Effectiveness Framework

Transformational Leadership

Leaders either plateau or keep rising in their abilty to create  bigger ripple effects. The ones who continue to scale their impact on organizations are the ones who make the transition from a transactional to a transformational style of leadership. Transformational leadership creates valuable and positive change within the team and organization, developing more engaged thinkers and the next generation of leaders. The biggest benefit is a more successful organization.

In this course, participants will learn and apply skills directly impacting the four pillars of transformational leadership.

  • Idealized influence – encompasses behaviors that instill pride in followers for being associated with the leader—often connoted or synonymous with charisma. It indicates that a leader will go beyond their individual self-interest for the greater good of the group and make personal sacrifices for others’ benefit.
  • Inspirational motivation – is when a leader exudes and communicates excellence, and takes the time to honestly and with integrity, focus on the value of the self, the other person, and the task at hand. Put simply; they motivate you
  • Intellectual stimulation – Intellectual Stimulation is the extent to which transformational leaders challenge assumptions, take risks and solicit followers’ ideas. They recognize followers through stimulation, creativity, and innovation.
  • Individualized consideration. Individualized Consideration is the extent to which a leader attends to each follower’s needs and is a mentor, coach or guide to the follower. This leader listens to the concerns and needs of each follower and provides support and is empathic to each person’s situation and background.

Effective Communication In Leadership

The most common reasons relationship fail is because people are meaning-making machines. We love to read minds and think we know others’ intentions. We also assume others can read our minds. It sounds simple enough, so why are communication breakdowns all around us breaking up relationships, teams, companies, or communities?

In this course, you will learn and practice practical skills to support you on your journey to becoming a master communicator.

  • Understanding who you are and how it impacts how you show  up
  • Summarizing and Suspending Judgement
  • Effective Listening Skills: Powerful Questions
  • How to deliver effective feedback
  • The 4 conversation killers. Why not use them and what to use instead
  • How to obtain engagement and inspire
  • The role of assertiveness in communications
  • Learn the difference between and power of Feedback, Feedforward, and Impact statements, when and how to use them
  • Soft skills – Understanding the impact we have on others

Leadership Training FAQs


What is leadership training?

Leadership training refers to structured programs and workshops designed to enhance the leadership capabilities of individuals at all levels within an organization. It focuses on developing key leadership skills, such as communication, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking.


Why is leadership training important?

Leadership training is important because effective leadership is crucial for driving organizational success. It equips individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to lead teams, navigate challenges, and inspire others to perform at their best. Leadership training also contributes to succession planning and talent development within organizations.


What topics are typically covered in leadership training programs?

Leadership training programs cover a wide range of topics, including communication skills, conflict resolution, team building, change management, coaching and mentoring, performance management, and strategic leadership. The content of the training can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the participants and the organization.


Who can benefit from leadership training?

Leadership training is beneficial for individuals aspiring to leadership roles, current leaders looking to enhance their skills, and organizations aiming to develop a strong leadership pipeline. It is applicable to leaders at all levels, from frontline supervisors to senior executives, across various industries and sectors.


How can leadership training impact organizational performance?

Leadership training can have a significant impact on organizational performance by improving employee engagement, fostering a positive work culture, and increasing productivity and innovation. It equips leaders with the tools and strategies to effectively lead and motivate their teams, resulting in higher levels of employee performance and engagement.

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