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Empowering Teams to Achieve More

At BridgeLine Executive Coaching, we believe that a team is far more than a mere group of individuals. It’s a dynamic entity pulsating with its unique strengths, challenges, and boundless potential for growth. We’re here to help your team unlock this potential and achieve collective performance and positive transformation within your organization.

Our Approach to Team Coaching

Our approach to team coaching is as unique as your team. We offer tailored interventions designed to meet your specific needs, whether you’re forming a new team, integrating new members, or facing new business demands.

We utilize the PERILL model, a systemic framework created by David Clutterbuck, to delve into your team’s dynamics and identify solutions to help you reach your objectives. #davidclutterbuck #PERILL #ccmi

Perill Model Perill Model

The Benefits of Team Coaching

Investing in team coaching can bring about transformative changes within your organization. Here are some key benefits you can expect:

  • Enhanced Cooperation: We lay the foundation for better collaboration within your team.
  • Aligned Vision: We help your team consolidate and align around shared values, mission, and behaviors.
  • Better Collaboration: We facilitate the development of strong collaborative links and promote deeper collaboration.
  • Improved Communication: We assist your team in improving communication, decision-making, and organizing work processes.
  • Increased Resilience: We equip your team to navigate the challenges of a complex and fast-changing world.
  • Greater Effectiveness: We enhance your team’s ability to work effectively with other teams and stakeholders.
  • Higher Impact: We increase your team’s impact and value for the organization.
  • Future-fitness: We enable your team to coach itself, preparing it for future challenges.

Our Team Coaching Process

We follow a structured process for our team coaching engagements:

  1. Diagnosis and Preliminary Interviews: We begin by understanding the current state of your team and its needs.
  2. Team Coaching Sessions: We conduct coaching sessions either offsite or online, based on your preference.
  3. Follow-up Meeting and Assessment: We conclude with a follow-up meeting to assess the effectiveness of the coaching sessions and discuss next steps.
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The Bridgeline Advantage

    • The true measure of a leader is how effectively their team operates and creates value when the leader isn’t there. Our Team Coaching Services are designed to help teams align around a common purpose, establish an inspiring spirit and vision, define clear roles, commit to team accountability, make powerful choices, and take affirmative action.
    • We ensure our client teams have the best possible experience. Our coaches are professionally accredited, highly qualified team coaches with extensive global executive experience, and partake in regular coach supervision. We also utilize an industry best practices approach, deploying two team coaches for each engagement.
    • We optimize a team’s ability to co-create value with and for all its stakeholders by fostering team alignment, collaboration, communication, engagement, trust, and creating an environment where each team member can flourish.
    • We believe in building not just “high performing” but “high value-creating” teams. These teams think more systemically, taking an ‘outside in’ approach, and considering the impact on all stakeholders. Our team coaching fosters high-value organizations that can be sustained.
    • Unlock the potential of your team with BridgeLine Executive Coaching. Engage with us today and let’s start the journey towards transformation.

When Team Coaching Can Help

  • Required shift in strategy or work plan
  • Team unable to reach its performance goals and deadlines
  • Presence of destructive team conflicts, or loss of trust
  • Team productivity decline due to burnout and distress
  • Organizational change, growth, merger or downsizing causing confusion, or destabilization
  • In support of a performance breakthrough
  • Workflow impediment due to cultural and communication gaps
  • Ineffective decision making
  • Team efficiency in need of a boost

Our Clients Include

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