Brian Houp, PCC

Career Transition, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Management, Stakeholder Management, Role Transition

Executive Coach / Facilitator

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Brian coaches experienced leaders to thrive at the executive level, often in the biggest position of their life. With responsibilities expanding, Brian helps leaders see which aspects of their approach to embrace, which to abandon and where to prioritize development efforts.

As leaders gain a deeper appreciation for the consequences of their actions, they embrace new behaviors that improve results, reduce stress, increase personal confidence and provide a better quality of life at work and at home.

Coaching Philosophy

Brian’s coaching values are clarity, simplicity and progress. In a world overrun with infinite complexity and constant change, he focuses on practical solutions that get results.

Patient, open and honest, Brian’s style of coaching leaves nothing unsaid. He knows the pitfalls of “success at all costs.” He believes strongly that all leaders should strive for strong results, continued personal growth and high quality of life for both themselves and those they care about most.

Results Achieved

“Brian challenges me in ways that others have not. I continue to grow and improve as a result. Working with him, I learned a lot about myself and my leadership style. With his help, I’m fostering new and better relationships that are giving me more opportunities to move my overall organization forward in significant ways.

Brian’s coaching style is effortless, allowing for in-depth conversations and learning. His open-mindedness, lack of judgment, and straight-shooter approach delivered politely and respectfully, create a powerful coaching experience.” – VP, Global Payments Inc

Professional/Corporate Experience

  • Sales Leadership Cable TV Advertising industry during 5 mergers/acquisitions
  • Lead primary staff from $7M to $30M annual revenue during massive technology transition
    from analogy to digital format as complexity increased 5-fold in less than 2yrs
  • Executive Coach for Vanderbilt EMBA Program

Education, Certifications & Awards

  • Center for Executive Coaching
  • Morehead State University, Bachelors Communications, Marketing
  • ICF Credential PCC, Center for Executive Coaching Certificate, The Leadership Circle
    360, Leadership System, Hogan Assessments
  • Forbes Coaches Council Member, 20 People to Know Career Development, Named #1
    Coach in Louisville Market

Areas Of Coaching Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • 360° Stakeholder Interviews
  • Behavior & Habit Change
  • Addressing Imposter Syndrome
  • Overwhelm Avoidance
  • Leading through Change
  • Prioritizing “Life” Beyond Work

Industry Experience

  • Advertising, Automotive Services, Financial Services, Healthcare
  • Higher Ed, Home Improvement, Information Technology, Media
  • Manufacturing, Non-Profit, Real Estate Religious Organizations, Restaurants
  • Retail, Software, Technology

Functional Experience

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship

Languages & International Experience

  • English
  • United States, Canada

Levels Coached

  • Founder, Owner
  • CEO, President, GM
  • C-Suite
  • Senior Directors

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