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Grace Calpus, BSN, MPA, PCC, CCS

Emotional Intelligence, Executive Presence, Personal Branding, Stakeholder Management, Career Transition

Executive Coach / Facilitator

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Grace Calpus

Executive Coach

Grace is a highly trained and well rounded coach of over 10 years. Her diverse life experience and ability to intuit and connect seemingly disconnected issues to get at the heart of things is uncanny and unusual. Her clients consistently find clarity, direction, and alignment with their most important and self-identified values, allowing them to be more assertive, make strong requests, and achieve promotion. While she is practiced at working with almost anyone, the clients who love her are introspective, open-minded, curious, self-directed, highly functional, motivated to experiment, and invested in their long-term growth. She works well with developing professionals from ages 20-50. She is an avid skydiver with over 800 jumps and lives in Colorado with her husband and Goldendoodle Sadie.

Coaching Philosophy

Grace is honest, tactful, funny, highly intuitive and relatable. Her strong intuition allows her to be present with the whole person, including the systems that support and surround them. Insight from this type of listening allows clients to understand their drive, values, meaning and truly align with their most important goals and purpose in life. This results in dramatically improved prioritization, delegation, confidence, clear decision-making, speaking up, and speaking out. With a focus on personal development, Grace helps her clients deepen their relationship with themselves so that they can lead from a strong sense of self and purpose. 

Results Achieved

CEO of a creative event planning company felt scared and trapped in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Through coaching, she reconnected with her internal source of confidence, power and courage to burst through imposter syndrome. Doing so allowed her to trust in her capabilities and grow in resiliency both personally and professionally. Over 12 months, she courageously faced the difficulty of keeping her business afloat, won several hundred thousand dollars in grants, hired new employees, expanded to a second location, and became the primary go-to event company in her targeted city.

“Grace’s superpowers include her authenticity and her ability to connect. As a leadership coach, she brings out the absolute best in people and she gives them the tools to become their best selves. She’s smart, strategic, and an absolute blast to work with in solving complex and challenging problems. You want her on your team!”

– Bryan Price, Former Director Buccino Leadership Institute

Professional/Corporate Experience

  • Registered Nurse
  • Technology Sales
  • Technology Client Management
  • Public Policy and Legislative Action
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Intuitive Reader and Healer

Education, Certifications & Awards

  • Executive Coaching – ACTP Newfield Network Boulder, CO
  • BSN University of Michigan
  • MPA Grand Valley State University
  • Coach Supervisor Academy
  • Journey within level IV
  • Upledger Institute CST III SER II
  • ICF PCC Certified Coach; Coach Supervisor
  • EQi-2.0/360 certification; LMAP; Strengths Finders
  • D-License Skydiver USPA

Areas Of Coaching Expertise

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading with Heart
  • Purpose Centered Leadership
  • Core Value Alignment
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Industry Experience

  • Technology
  • Higher Education
  • Health Care
  • Government
  • Logistics/Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Alternative Health

Functional Experience

  • Technology Sales & Marketing
  • Health Care
  • Government
  • Legal
  • Higher Education
  • Clairvoyant, Clairaudient
  • Craniosacral and Somatic Emotional Release Therapist (CST/SER)

Languages & International Experience

  • Clients from Nepal, China, S. America, Europe, Mexico
  • Coaches in English

Levels Coached

  • C-Suite /Global Directors
  • Mid-level Managers
  • Individual Contributors
  • University Students, Faculty and Staff

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